Development Programs

We spend a lot of time on player development.  We welcome all types of athletes and are proponents for kids to play multi-sports.  Our off season program is geared towards players who need extra development in the areas of hitting, pitching, and increasing arm strength.  All of our clinics we offer in the Off-Season are Free for all players in the Expos program.

Our Off-Season programs typically are 1-2 two days a week, which we do take a break for a few weeks in November.  Please note we require all pitchers to take at least 2 months off from throwing a year.

Velocity & Arm Care Clinic

Starting in late September, we run a one day a week Long Toss camp that is goes for 5 weeks at Jaycee Park.  This camp we will teach your son proper arm care and give them the tools to increase their throwing velocity.  Results vary, but on average, we see players have in increase in 4 mph in velocity in 5 weeks.  We follow the Jaeger Thrive on Throwing Program.

To learn more about our Top Velo Camp, please visit for our fall dates.

Special Clinics

In the past, we've invite well known national baseball instructors to run clinics for our Expos teams.  We do not do this every year but from time to time.  In the past we've had Tom House, Turtle Thomas and many other well known baseball instructors.

Pre-Season Team Practices

Our Team practices start in mid January and are 2 days a week.  These are team based practices.  We understand some players are involved in other sports, and we do not require full team participation until March 1st.


We understand some Expos players receive outside training from other professionals, and all we ask is to let us know who they are working with and what they are teaching.  In most cases, we do not interfere with what is being taught outside of our programs.  If it ain't broken, don't fix it philosophy.  With that being said, we do see some youth players with some mechanical flaws that will prevent them from going to the next level.  When we see this, we will approach the parents and give them the decision to stay as is, or correct the flaw.